Kangan Agrawal

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

It was a great experience studying with Shubhamm Suklecha Sir. I always use to hate and was disinterested with the concepts of Share Market and securities, but Shubhamm Sir made it so easy and exciting for me and at the end it became my favourite subject and I also started my first investment and this is all because of him. Thank you so much sir.2. Studying with Shubhamm Sir is always delightful. He makes you understand every concept in a very unique and simple manner. He has the best combination of fun with studying. Shubhamm Sir motivates you like a mentor, elder brother and a friend in the best way. He stays with us at every given point with his marathons, revision lectures and one day before audio note to cheer up all the students to do well in the exams. He’s the best in his own way. Just one thing that sir’s short forms are sometimes confusing 😅 and nothing else. We all love Shubhamm Sir just the way he is and once again thank you so much Sir for all your efforts that you put in for us.🙏

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