Anjali Aggarwal


I’ve been student of Shubhamm Sir since start of 2022 (when i was in executive), I took his co. Law lectures first and I’m not gonna lie, fell in love with the way he teaches ❤️ within 5 days only. thats his magic and then in may 22 I took His SLCM classes also…and just because of him ..only and only him, I cleared my executive both groups in first attempt ✨😁 Currently in professionals…attempt is due in dec23 and I’ve already completed classes of Mcs, funding and on verge to complete Ibc as well ❣️ (was able to complete so soon just bcz of him, every morning starts with His lecture 😊 well, tbh everythis is best about Shubhamm Sir 😽, but the one thing which is most helpful – HE IS BATCH K SAATH BHI AND BATCH K BAAD BHI (quick revision videos )His motivation talks in middle of lecture work like medicine 🌸, changed mindset, realized so many things and most importantly..i can say i have become a better person than what i was (just bcz of Him) …always obliged to him 🙏 (He is visible god for me)..I’ve never met Him but its in bucket list to meet him once in life 😅

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